VUMS Cluster

Virtual User Modelling & Simulation

About the cluster...

The VUMS cluster has been initiated by the European Commission in beginning of 2010 to synchronize efforts among several on-going research projects. Four projects agreed to co-operate on issues of common interest in order to synergise among them and to disseminate their results to the scientific fora and standardisation bodies.

All projects in VUMS follow activities in the area of user modelling/simulation and involve human users in their developments and evaluation processes. Therefore the main objective of the VUMS cluster is to align activities in the areas of User modelling, Standardisation, Dissemination and Ethics.

VUMS White Paper

The VUMS white paper proposes a specification for standardisation of user models. A common standard for user models can help designers and developers to maximize the level of usability and accessibility of products and services by providing interoperable representations of user properties. Such a model would ease the development of applications, shorten the development time and reduce project costs. Moreover, user models are intended to be used for generation and adaptation of user interfaces during runtime.

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